Origins Penny Blush 120x170

Origins Penny 3D Hand Carved Geometric Wool Rug in Eucalyptus, Infinity Blue, Steel Blue and Blush Pink


Blush Pink Steel Blue Infinity Blue Eucalyptus
120x170cm (4'x5'6")

20 In stock

  • ORIGIN: India
  • PILE CONTENT: 100% Pure Wool
  • PILE WEIGHT: 2600 Gr/M2
  • CONSTRUCTION: Hand Tufted

This cute, 100% pure wool Penny rug with its circular and geometric design has been expertly carved to give a 3D effect allowing the light in a room to form subtle shadows on the design that will change throughout the day. Available in a range of beautiful on trend solid colours, they are hard wearing and long lasting with a rich, dense pile that will look beautiful in any room.


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