Moorish Marrakech Cream 160x230

Moorish Marrakech Hand Carved Wool 3D Hıstorıc Pattern Rug in Cream



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  • 100% Wool High Quality
  • Moorish rug collection and have been named after the impressive, historic city that features elements of islamic and european architecture created by the Alaouite dynasty.
  • This collection is handmade in India using 100% Wool to create a thick, soft pile that has been hand carved to create texture and style.
  • The Cream background has a cream moroccan theme design and is available in three rectangular sizes with huge discounts against high street prices.
  • 100% Indian Wool 3D Textured Effect High Density Stylish 'Natural' Look Hard Wearing Mothproof Colourfast Anti-Bacteriel

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