Ayyildiz Pisa 4706 Grey 200x290

Modern Pisa Stylish 3D Geometric Hand Tufted Soft Rug in Grey Various Sizes and Designs


200x290cm (6'7"x9'6")
4709 Grey 4706 Grey 4704 Grey 4702 Grey

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  • Material: 100% polypropylene, suitable for underfloor heating
  • The stylistic combination of our modern Pisa collection sets accents in any room.
  • Their subtle and at the same time high-contrast colours give sophisticated furnishing compositions an additional noble character without being too bulky.
  • The rugs have a high fibre density collapse technique and are manufactured in intensive materials. They complement your living room or bedroom, decorate your dining room traditionally or lie on the sofa at your feet.
  • The Pisa rugs range is a combination of Plain and Geometric textured rugs in natural cream and grey tones.
  • A stunning design with tufted accents to create a super-soft wool-like feel underfoot. Available in 4 Sizes.

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Alison marchant

Great product and great price well recommended

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