Manhattan Lenox Fuchsia 120x170

Manhattan Lenox Acrylic Chenille Quality Rugs

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Grey Fuchsia
120x170cm (4'x5'6")

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  • The Manhattan Lenox rug is a contemporary rug with an inspired vintage feel. The rug features a stylish contemporary distressed design elegantly fading across in a harmonious blended blue hue.
  • Lenox rugs are made with careful attention to detail with the silkiest chenille mixed fabric and are perfect for bringing a refined accent to any modern interior.
  • The added benefit of this rug in your home is that it is stain resistant; capable of withstanding most substances from oil based substances to wine and tea so that you can be assured that this work of art retains its timeless beauty for many years to come.
  • Available in two contemporary, distressed designs, Carter and Lenox. Bright palettes and a modern design makes this the perfect chenille-style collection for adding some colour to your space. The durable acrylic blend and low-profile, makes this the perfect rug to sit under furniture.
  • Lennox rugs are made with 50% Acrylic, 27% Polyester, and 23% Cotton.

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