Ayyildiz Play 2903 Grey 80x120

Kids Play Game Nursery Non-Slip Mat Hopscotch Rug in Grey



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Material Quality: 100% Polyamide 

Manufacturing: Machine-woven

Back material: Jute

Pile height (mm): 7 mm

Weight per m²: 1,2 Kg


Stain Resistant

Easy to Maintain

Suitable for Under-floor Heating

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An interactive playmat rug that is designed after the well-known game hopscotch. Made in a multi-colour scheme and surrounded by wildlife, this rug creates the perfect playground for your child. Crafted from a soft and durable 7 mm pile Polyamide fibre with a density of 1.2 Kg/ m² that is cosy underfoot, this rug is suitable for floor time play dates, as it is safe, fade resistant and easy to maintain. Available in 3 sizes, it's ideal for decorating child’s playroom, as they can easily have a good time with this rug.


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