Dune Tidal Grey/Blue 120x170

Dune Tidal Geometric Swirl Shaggy Rugs


Grey Grey/Blue Grey/Green Grey/Ochre Natural
120x170cm (4'x5'6")

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Sink your feet into our new range of shaggy rugs, Dune, with three dimensional carved detailing to add depth to your space. In densely woven, 3cm polypropylene pile, our Dune collection is ideal for adding comfort to your floors. Available in 5 on-trend shades, for every different style. Choose the Tidal Design to make a subtle cosy statement in your space. Tidal rugs from the Dune collection will adorn your floor with modern beauty. Create a focal point in your home with this on-trend shaggy pile rug in a stunningly elegant swirl pattern. These rugs are also available in a range of different colours and sizes range from small to extra large. 100% Jute backing.


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